Monday, 16 April 2012

Anime Review: Yumeiro Patissiere

Genre: CookingSchoolComedy,Romance
Episodes: 50
Overall thoughts: Simple, adorable and funny. The perfect anime to help you unwind after a hard day.

Sweets, sweets and more sweets...

Ever had a dream of becoming a world class patissiere and being able to make and eat delicious sweets?

taken from minitokyo

This what this anime is all about: achieving your dreams and it just so happens that everyone's dream is to make sweets.

Ichigo Amano (our heroine) loves sweets and dreams of one day making her Grandmother's famous Strawberry Tart.

source: anime diet
With a unique sense of smell and a ticket into a prestigious patisserie academy, Ichigo is definitely on her way.

St Marie's Academy is a highly prestigious culinary school where Ichigo meets the 'Sweets Princes'. Three boys with exceptional skills, are named the 'Sweets Princes' due to their top class status. Ichigo, a complete beginner is surprised when she is placed in Group A with the trio. She works hard to be accepted as a team mate and later they all become great friends.

taken from minameenah
Together they battle it out in the elite 'Grand Prix' competition to win the opportunity to study at the Paris campus under the Masters.

Aided by their own personal 'Sweets Spirit', Ichigo and the princes learn, persevere and most importantly have fun making sweets.

taken from Magicpumpkinstudio

Being a sweets lover myself, I loved watching it. Half the time I was drooling all over my shirt, because the sweets looked delicious!

Lots of cute characters, good story and of course SWEETS. 

Seen it? Who is your favourite Sweets Prince? 

Haven't seen it? Add it to your list!

But wait! There's more. Check out the sequel to this anime: Yumeiro Patissiere Professional!

source: wasurenai

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