Saturday, 7 July 2012

Anime Review: K-ON (Season One)

Genre: ComedyMusicSlice of life
Episodes: 13 + OVA
Overall thoughts: Simple, adorable and funny. The perfect anime to help you unwind after a hard day.
Available from: Madman

Source: yvoonmanga

Now, I'm not against popular anime. I just tend to find that anything that becomes popular didn't become that way because it's awesome. Rather, it's popular because it's pandering and boringly predicable. That was the mindset I had when I started watching K-ON. After the first episode my mind was completely changed.

K-ON is the story of Yui, a high school freshmen, that seeks purpose in her new school. She wanders from group to group until she settles on joining the Light Music Club. The club only has three members, Ritsu, Mio and Mugi, and needs a fourth or else they will be disbanded by the school. When Yui arrives in the music room the club members are overjoyed. That is ,until they find out she can't play any instruments. The club must get Yui a guitar, teach her to play it and perform for the school. Each episode is filled with adorable facial expressions, comedy, tea and cake. 

Yui Hirasawa: 
Source: mikeolotaku

The leader guitarist that is excited by everything. She loves cute and yummy things and instantly falls in love with playing the guitar. Much to the groups surprise Yui has a natural talent for the instrument and becomes very dedicated. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for her school work. Yui is gullible, energetic, doting, playful and loyal.  

Mio Akiyama:
Source: yrmt

Mio is the bassist and lyricist of the Light Music Club. She is basically allergic to all things relating to doom and gloom and is petrified of anything scary. That being said, she is in no way timid. Mio is a strong, independent and serious girl that is constantly keeping the rest of the group in line.    

Tsumugi Kotobuki: 
Source: my.opera
Better known as Mugi, Tsumugi is the keyboardist and occasional composer of the club. She orginally planned on joining the choir club, but changed her mind after Mio and Ritsu encourage her to join their club instead. Because her family owns a maid cafe Mugi constantly supplies the group with gourmet desserts. Many of the groups decisions are made over cake and tea. Adorable and clueless, Mugi embodies the little girl in all of us.        

Ritsu Tainaka:
Source: fanpop

Rough around the edges, Ritsu is the clubs drummer. Wild and unpredictable Ritsu loves being loud and is often getting into mischief with Yui. She has been best friends with Mio since childhood and constantly teases her due to her fears of spooky things. Ritsu is the outspoken leader of the group that chose to play the drums because she doesn't like the finger work involved with other instruments. 

When I first saw this song I was blown away. It's electric, fun and perfect for dancing around your room. This song was actually played at Neko Nation ( Sydney July 2012) during the anime set. The floor was packed with guys and girls screaming the lyrics and air guitaring.   Not to mention their outfits are simply awesome.     

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