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Anime Review: El Cazador De La Bruja

Genre: Western, drama
Episodes: 26 episodes 
Overall thoughts: A real testament to girl cheesy as that sounds!
Distribution: Madman

Image via Madman

I picked up this anime on a whim. It had two people on the cover: one looking unsure of herself as she sipped some juice and the other flashing a cocky smile as she bared the weapon dangling carelessly from her hip. I was sold.

El Cazador De La Bruja (and no, it's not in's just set in a place that I assume is meant to resemble Mexico) is the story of a gun for hire named Nadie that is sent on a mission to find a young blonde girl named Ellis. Altercations occur when Nadie finds out that several other bounty hunters are also seeking out the seemingly innocent amnesiac girl. Going with a gut feeling Nadie decides to help Ellis on her quest to discover who she is and who is paying thugs to capture her. 

This anime practically drips with themes of the power of friendship, but I actually didn't mind it all that much. The story was flimsy at some points with filler episodes doing absolutely nothing for the plot (there is a whole episode in the desert where Nadie is having a stand off with an assassin). However, the character development was worth the waiting. The bond between Ellis and Nadie as they trek across the country is heart warming and leaves you feeling happy. 


Image via: Anime Maki 

A badass bounty hunter that takes pride in her precision shooting and independence. She understands that bounty hunting is a guys game, but that's why she loves playing. While sometimes clueless, Nadie is a true friend that would risk everything to save Ellis.    


Image via: BignAnime

A shy, quiet girl with a secret. With no other family she looks to Nadie as a big sister which makes their relationship even more adorable. Acting as the conscious of the pair Ellis is often keeping Nadie's bad temper in check. 

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