Sunday, 27 May 2012

Anime Review: Nodame Cantabile

Genre: ComedyRomance,SupernaturalDrama
Episodes: 12
Overall thoughts: A must for those interested in classical music, comedy and romance

Chiaki has big dreams to become a famous conductor. Extensively trained in piano and violin, coming from a musical family and known as a somewhat 'genius' at his music academy, his brilliant future seems set in stone.

One thing stands in his way: his fear of flying. Things continue to get complicated when Noda (Nodame) moves in next door.

Nodame is a piano prodigy, but lacks the structure and discipline required to play in competitions. She prefers to play for fun and to make people happy, resulting in her performances being referred to as sometimes sloppy. She immediately falls for Chiaki, even going as far as to call herself his girlfriend.

source: tedfox

Chiaki, initially annoyed by Nodame's presence, blows up at her a lot. As their friendship grows, he discovers some of Nodame's inspiring qualities.

taken from shinmaru
This anime has a beautiful story. It has some great comedic moments, provided by Nodame of course!!

taken from rabbit poets

The love story between Nodame and Chiaki is also beautiful: growing as individuals, inspiring the other to reach their potential and slowly learning and appreciating the other's qualities.

How can we forget the amazing music!!!! Here is a sample of the epicness that is the classical music in this anime!!

Definitely worth a look!