Saturday, 30 June 2012

Anime Review - Inu X Boku SS

Genre: ComedyRomance,SupernaturalDrama
Episodes: 12
Overall thoughts: An anime that speaks to the loner in all of us.
Distributor: Hanabee
Source: mjv-art
Ririchiyo is a fairly complicated girl. Born into a privileged family she had everything  money could buy. However, money does not mean getting everything you need. Ririchiyo is brought up without the simplest things like love and friendship. Believing that she will never be able to truly obtain what she deeply desires she decides to live alone.

When she arrives at her new home, an apartment building for the elite, she is greeted by Sōshi Miketsukami, her personal butler. Sworn to give her all the happiness in the world, Miketsukami is permanently glued to Ririchiyo's side and tends to her every whim. Through the power of their friendship they both learn to move past their personal demons.

Ririchiyo Shirakiin

Source: Zerochan

Hard on the outside, incredibly soft on the inside. Ririchiyo uses sarcasm and insults to put a wall up between her and the world. Believing that she can never change she prefers seclusion. Coming from a rich family she prefers the finer things in life like literature, music and tea. She is a true and loyal friend that will do whatever it takes to make her friends smile. To see Ririchiyo inspired fashion, click here!

Sōshi Miketsukami

Source: Deviantart
An array of emotions and personalities make up Miketsukami. He can be happy, doting, sad, angry, possessive and compassionate within one episode. He has enormous power that he uses to protect Ririchiyo, even though at times she wishes he wouldn't. Miketsukami is a patient man with a hidden past.

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