Saturday, 26 May 2012

Anime Fashion Inspired: Ririchiyo - Inu X Boku SS

Anime Inspired Fashion is a monthly series where we look at our favourite stylish anime characters and their outfits/costumes.This months we'll look at Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku SS.
Picture taken from Inu x Boku SS Wikia

Ririchiyo is a fairly complicated character. Confident on the outside, desperately lonely on the inside. But what isn't complicated is her fashion style.

Her everyday outfits are typically variations of her school uniform. Staples include her mini black dress, satin or chiffon blouse and black socks that are either over the knee or thigh highs.

When attending formal events Ririchiyo combines little girl charm with sophistication. She trades in her serious black dress and sexy thigh highs and throws on a little white bolero jacket over a blue cocktail dress.

Check out our Polyvore Inu x Boku SS Collection below. This collection covers her school uniform, formal dress and battle outfit. Be sure to check out our Inu x Boku SS review for a look at this anime and it's splendid characters.

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