Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Anime Fashion Inspired: Victorique - Gosick

Anime Inspired Fashion is a monthly series where we look at our favourite stylish anime characters and their outfits/costumes.This months we'll look at Victorique from Gosick.
Gosick Victorian dress-Victorique purple
taken from listless ink

Victorique is the heroine of the anime Gosick

Why do we love her? Not only is she a badass at solving mysteries, but she also manages to look amazing whilst doing so.

Although this anime is set in the 1920s, Victorique's wardrobe resembles that of the earlier Victorian Era style. This vintage purple lace dress is seen in the second half of the series. Victorique pairs it with a gothic lolita, purple, lace headband and white gloves with purple rose embellishments.

One source says that the reason behind her unique style is because "Victorique was given a lot of hand me downs by her family".

We don't really know for sure why she dressed the way she does. Regardless, we are thankful she does so because we love her adorable outfits. Today's featured outfit is Victorique's purple dress and headband.

Fashion Inspiration: Gosick - Victorique

Fashion Inspiration: Gosick - Victorique

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