Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Our Little Neko Nation Competition!

Amine Sydney Neko Girls

Weeks have quickly turned into days until Neko Nation Sydney! We couldn't be more excited. This isn't just Sydney's first Neko Nation. This is also Amine Sydney's first official event.

To celebrate we'll be running a quick competition on the night. The first SIX people to get their picture taken will receive a free game card with downloadable content for StarWars: The Old Republic.  

So you know what to look for we decided to do an impromptu* photo shoot in our cute Amine Sydney Uniforms!

Meet the Amine Sydney Girls!!!!

 First off, we have Jessica the 'Thinker'
 Next , we have Stephanie the 'Sex Kitten'
 And, Amanda the 'Classy Cat'
Lastly, we have Sussan the  'Cute one'

* Yes, we have done two impromptu photo shoots this Easter long weekend.