Wednesday, 16 May 2012

And now onto episode....200

I am writing this to express my displeasure with animes that are excessively long. I am a fan of all the animes mentioned in this post, however I grew a strong sense of irritation towards them when I was faced with filler episodes, unoriginal plots and countless seasons!

Anyone sick to death of filler episodes? 

Because I am. 

Naruto is a classic example of an anime that contains filler episodes.Naruto Hq describes fillers as a way 'to maintain the healthy gap between the anime and manga, as it allows the manga artist more time to create the story line'. While that is fair enough, it's still annoying.
taken from tailedfox
I really enjoyed Naruto. It was a great show with action, comedy and drama. I was instantly drawn to Naruto's eccentric and determined character and found myself dying to see the next episode as the plot thickened.

I found my interest waning when after getting to around episode 180 I struggled to keep up with all the new characters, sub plots and filler episodes which only served to confuse me more with extra characters and irrelevant plots. 

I'm sure everyone has seen Dragon ball Z as a kid. Cheese tv? I used to wake up every morning to watch Dragon ball Z before school. I loved it. 

9 seasons and over 360 episodes. I stuck through it and enjoyed it. My issue with Dragon ball Z was the unnecessary stretching of plot over episodes. I mean 3 episodes to summon a spirit bomb.... and then it missed!!
taken from dragonballwikia
I think Dragon ball Z should have just ended when it did. I hate spin offs, especially when they can't measure up to its predecessor. Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Z Kai were just unnecessary, kind of like the 12 extra seasons of Pokemon.

Pokemon. Another great anime, but 15 seasons worth of, let's face it, the same plot. After the first three seasons, the plot has been exhausted. Ash and his friends collecting new pokemon, entering a pokemon tournament and evading the same old pathetic team rocket. I still maintain that the original 150 pokemon are and always will be the best pokemon created.

But seriously, 15 seasons, I mean does Ash even get any older?
taken from serebii
How about Sailor Moon? 5 seasons. You never realise this as a kid, but every season is exactly the same, no wait, every EPISODE is exactly the same. 

I still love Sailor moon, but it has a mindless plot. You don't need to see every episode to know what's been happening. So then why did it last so long.

Here's a run down of a typical season:

Each episode there is a new baddie in town that is sending evil creatures. Sailor moon and her scouts defeat one evil creature with the help of masked man. In the season finale, her friends all sacrifice themselves, but sailor moon manages to kill/ save baddie and revive her friends. Happily Ever After.

taken from toei animation
Think about it. Did these things frustrate you too?

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