Saturday, 28 January 2012

Anime Review: Elemental Gelade

Genre: ActionRomanceAdventure,Fantasy
Episodes: 26
Overall thoughts: A love story intertwined with a interesting analysis of what freedom means.

Although this anime has a few filler episodes and the overall plot is not delivered straight away I suggest you pull through because the ending is completely worth it. For all those who love a tear jerking ending Elemental Gelade is the anime for you.

Freedom. What is it and who deserves it? This is the question which is intertwined and referred too constantly throughout Elemental Gelade. The story surrounds the main character Coud Van Giruet (Akira Ishia) who makes a promise to Ren (Mikako Takahashi), an Edel Raid, to take her back to her home which they suspect is heaven. Eden Raids have the ability to transform into a weapon once they have bonded with a human. Naturally there are those who wish to protect the Eden Raids and those who extort their power for their own gains. A story of unexpected love, courage, tragedy and hope.

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