Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Amine Sydney's EXCLUSIVE Interview with Catalystic about the 2012 Neko Nation Tour - Sydney

As we speak we're gearing up for Neko Nation. We've order our outfits (stay tuned for that), are preparing our dance moves and are prepared to take pictures around the clock! But since this is the first time the Neko Nation Tour is making it's way to Sydney we weren't sure what to expect.

To learn more about Neko Nation, click here!

So we had a sit down with Craig (those from fb would know him as Catalystic_>>), the mastermind behind Neko Nation, to see what he had in store for Sydney's anime lovers.

1. Tell us a little about how Neko Nation Started?

Neko Nation has been running since February 2011. The idea was formed by myself after taking inspiration from animes and bits and pieces from other events.

There isn't anything else that resembles our event, I originally thought somebody else would be doing a night like this considering how popular anime has been growing in Australia. I searched around and the only things that have come close are small J-Pop or K-Pop nights and they were more catered to the Asian market rather than anime fans.

The turnout for previous events have been quite good. Our first event had only 100 people which wasn't too bad for a first night. Our last show, in Brisbane, got 250 people.  On average we usually get around 200 people a show.

2. What should we expecting at the Neko Nation Sydney event?

We're hoping for around 150 people, which would be great for a first show. We're looking forward to the chance to meet some really awesome people in Sydney.

Our music policies vary at each different show depending on what's popular and what DJ's are available. We'll include the likes of J-Pop, J-Rock, J-Core, K-Pop, Anime, Gaming (and Chiptune) music and more. However for Sydney we are likely to have a bit more of a focus on K-Pop, since we're well aware of the huge popularity of K-Pop in Sydney with the recent K-Pop festival that took place a few months ago.

3. What do you think of the Anime scene in Sydney?

I know Sydney has a smaller anime scene than the other Australian cities but we are optimistic for a good turnout.  

4. How will Neko Nation change this?

It will add an extra something to do for those in the Sydney anime scene.  There are only so many conventions in a year for each capital city and we know that the addition of events will help give people a night to catch up, have fun together and help the scene grow.