Sunday, 29 January 2012

Anime Review: Scrapped Princess

Genre:  FantasySci-Fi, Drama
Episodes: 24
Overall thoughts: A little slow in the beginning, but the ending is worth the wait.  
Distributor: Madman

Image via Anime Queen
Should the fate of one be sacrificed to save the life of many? Scrapped Princess explores this theme extensively but the anime is not all philosophical. There are great battle scenes, a unique blend of good and evil, loveable characters and more twists than you will know what to do with.

When the 16th birthday of  princess predicts the end of the world her parents, the king and queen, decide it is their duty to dispose of the child. By a miracle Princess Pacifica Casull survives and is taken in by a village family. Growing up knowing her identity and how she is perceived by the rest of the world, her adoptive siblings Shannon and Raquel Casull constantly put their lives on the line to protect their little sister once their parents pass away. 

 With her 16th birthday fast approaching Pacifica and her family are in a race against time to find the truth behind the apocalyptic religious prophesy that makes her an enemy to the world. 

While making comments on religion and the stronghold it can have on society, Scrapped Princess doesn't come across as preaching. I highly recommend this anime to anyone that enjoys social commentary woven together in an intricate plot. 

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