Friday, 28 September 2012

Madman Reel Anime 2012 - Wolf Children Characters

Wolf Children - the story of a single mother struggling to bring up her half wolf/half human children. Comedy, drama and a hint of the supernatural. Read the full review, here.
Source: Vis Europe

Source: Vis Europe
Hana is a girl that forcibly smiles through adversary. An ex-student, Hana is left alone in a situation that no book or person can help her with. With only her heart to guide her she shows her hybrid children how to survive in a world where they don't belong. A true testament to the power of a mother.

Yuki and Ame 
Source: The Reel Bits
Yuki is an energetic wolf girl who embraces her human and wolf side equally. However, as she grows older and interacts with other little girls this changes.
Ame goes through a similar transformation throughout the film. He is faced with a world in which the wolf is ultimately the bad guy. This causes him to be shy and introverted. His whole stance on being an animal and life itself changes when he meets Teacher, a fox in the forest.

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