Sunday, 29 January 2012

Anime Review: Clannad

Genre: DramaFantasyRomance
Episodes: 22
Overall thoughts: A box of of tissues and some girlfriends are needed. That's honestly all I have to say... 

The way that this anime is set up is unique and really impressed me. Clannad has its two main characters Nagisa and Tomoyo who are trying to re-establish the drama society their high school. That's the overall plot, however within that plot is four other plot lines which last for on average four episodes and all end in their own little climax. Although not a comedy the scenes which are comedic are perfectly executed so I suggest watch this one with a friend. Trust me.

On the first day back at school Tomoya Okazaki (Yuichi Nakamura) meets a girl standing at the bottom of the hill leading to their high school. She asks if she can walk with him because she does not have the strength to walk it alone. He tells her bluntly if she can do whatever she wants and thus begins the friendship between Tomoya and Nagisa Furukawa (Mai Nakahara).

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