Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Amine Sydney goes to Chinatown/ gardens

If anyone is wondering why we visited Chinatown and the Chinese Gardens in our cosplay, the answer is simple.

Because we can!

No seriously, it's because after Free Comic Book Day, we went wandering around the city decided it would be fun to have some Yum Cha to restore our energy after the excitement of meeting and photographing fellow cosplayers and lolitas.

As we were walking over to Chinatown, we noticed quite a few groups of people rehearsing dance numbers. Strange, we thought, could it be they were hosting auditions at the entertainment centre. Highly unlikely. 

We found our answer right outside the gates, near Media Asia. It was K-pop day and groups of people were performing to the loud music outside the shop. It was fantastic! Who knew this was on?

It was a nice surprise. Even better, was the fact that the store had discounts on Korean movies and television series! 

After watching the dancing and eating lunch (which was delicious), we walked over to the Chinese Gardens for a photo shoot and a relaxing stroll through the beautiful grounds.

I think it's quite amazing that a place like this exists in the middle of the city. The only sounds you hear are birds, leaves rustling in the wind and the faint trickle of water. Very peaceful.

We got some stunning shots. Everything was so beautiful. Did you know that for a small price you can dress up in traditional Chinese clothing and take photos? That is something we will be doing next time we visit.

It was the perfect end to an action packed day. 

More exciting adventures to come. Neko Bowling anyone?