Friday, 24 February 2012

Anime Review: La Corda D'oro

Genre: Romance, Music, Fantasy
Episodes: 26
Overall thoughts: For those that love comedy and music. 
taken from zerochan
 La Corda D'oro is a story about Lili, the school's music fairy and his desire to encourage more people to play beautiful music. Lili needs someone to help him, thus enlists the help of Kahoko, our heroine - the only person who can see him. He gives her a magic violin which plays songs perfectly using Kahoko's heart, as she is unable to actually play it.

She enters the highly respected music competition at Seiso Academy and encounters others who are excellent musicians. Her music reaches out to the audience and to the other competitors, with whom she begins to develop ties to. 

taken from zerochan
Despite begin reluctant at first, she begins to enjoy the violin and decides to learn it in earnest.

This anime is perfect for all those out there interested in music and slight romance. It has beautiful classical music pieces played in every episode! Not to mention, cute, heart warming scenes with a certain male...

taken from crunchyroll
Seen it? Let us know your favourite musical piece and who played it?

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