Saturday, 18 February 2012

Anime Review: Spice and Wolf (Season One)

Genre: AdventureFantasyRomance
Episodes: 13

Overall thoughts: Tsundere wolf girl + witty guy = an amazing love story that will make you laugh and cry. 
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Lawrence, a money chasing merchant, finds a naked girl with wolf ears and a tail  in his cart. Her name is Horo, (or Holo if you watch the English version) a harvest goddess of a small village looking for a new purpose. Since the introduction of new technology Horo's village no longer needs her to give them a bountiful harvest. Feeling redundant Horo convinces Lawrence to take her with him so she can return to her home up north.

Horo is a wise, witty and yet slightly over confident goddess that relies on her animal instincts to get her out of situations. Dawdling within her is an untamed beast that she calls her true form. Most of the time Horo is unable to express her feelings out of a fear it will seen as a sign on weakness.

Picture taken from Spice and Wolf Wiki and Lostlink
Lawrence is a street smart merchant who can't help but be charmed by Horo, even if sometimes she gets on his nerves. With dreams of someday opening his own shop Lawrence uses his cunning and strength to keep Horo safe and turn a profit.

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