Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Anime Review: Gosick

Genre: MysteryHistoricalDrama,DetectiveRomance
Episodes: 24
Overall thoughts: Bonnets, lace, mystery and some love thrown in on the side. What more could any girl want from an anime!  
taken from The G Empire
This anime is set in 1924 and features Kujo, the third son of a military officer, who transfers to St. Marguerite Academy, located in a small French speaking country called Saubure. This academy has a mysterious history and is known for its legends and ghost stories. When Kujo arrives, he is labelled the “Black Reaper” due to his dark eyes and hair and the fact that he arrives in the Spring, one of the many campus legends “he who comes in the spring brings death..”  

Feared by the students, Kujo takes refuge in the library, and there on the highest floor, he meets Victorique. She is known as the “Golden Fairy in the High Tower” as she never goes to class, instead spends her days reading the books in the library and solving mysteries.  Together, Kujo and Victorique solve the mysteries that drift around the grounds and those brought to her by the Detective.

taken from Gosick Wiki
This anime is perfect for those who like historical drama and some light comedy.  The mysteries are very clever and you find your eyes glued to the screen waiting for Victorique to explain and reveal all.

taken from my Anime List
Beautiful settings, gorgeous costumes and mind boggling plots. Definitely worth a look!

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