Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Anime Review: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1

Genre: MechaAlternate history,Supernatural
Episodes: 25
Overall thoughts: It's like an animated game of chess. 25 episodes full of twists and turns that will amaze you!
Available from: Madman
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The world is a horrible place. But as an everyday person we have no choice but to live in it. We make due with what we have and try to make our own light in the darkness. This is how Lelouch Lamperouge saw the world. A world of corruption where the strong abused the weak for sport. This is, until, he gains the power of Geass.  
Geass: a power that has a metronome of abilities that vary depending on the person. In Lelouch's case he could compell anyone that came in eye contact with him to do anything he wanted. However his power was limited to only being able to do this once. 

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At first glance this anime is a modern adaptation of Death Note. But when you really watch it you learn it is so much more. Drama, comedy and a lot of mecha action are just some of the reasons you should watch Code Geass. I haven't met a person who didn't instantly fall head over heels for it.  

On the surface Lelouch is just your typical highschool student. He gets bored with class and often leaves school to read books on the roof or to gamble. But upon meeting a mysterious girl his world changes. Charming, attractive, witty & smart - Lelouch is every fangirls dream.Armed with his high intelligence and unique sense of morality Lelouch sets out to free the world of all it's corrupt and greed. 
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Only known as CC (said as C2) she enters an agreement with Lelouch. In return for Geass he must help her when she requests it. CC is an all around diva with a mysterious past. With a razor sharpe tongue, killer wardrobe and a love of pizza she is Lelouch's partner in crime. But, what is her real name? All will be revealed!
Picture taken from code-geass.bandai-ent

Long live the rebellion!