Friday, 2 March 2012

Anime Review: The Wallflower

Genre: Drama, Romantic comedy
Episodes: 25
Overall thoughts: A hilarious look at what it means to be pretty and self conscious.
Distributor: Madman

The wallflower is one of those animes where you can find horror, comedy and romance all rolled into one. It's different and that's why we like it.

Sunako is the niece of Mine Nakahara, who subsequently owns the mansion where four outrageously beautiful guys live. Sunako's aunt has given the boys a mission: turn Sunako into a lady and they don't have to pay rent.

However, this is not so simple. Although they managed to make Sunako physically beautiful, one thing was standing in their way.

That is: her obsession with blood, horror and all things dark. She is the proud owner of a skeleton and two anatomical figures. She loves to watch horror films and adores skulls.

As the anime continues, the boys start to appreciate all of Sunako's attributes and interests which include cooking and serious badass fighting skills. They even try to cheer her up by dressing up in halloween costumes.

The perfect way in which horror, comedy and romance are sequenced in each episode is what makes this anime a success. To be able to see Sunako beating up a guy, followed by a tender hug from Kyouhei, later followed by Sunako comically bleeding from the nose, is fantastic and hilarious.

Both of us here at Amine thoroughly enjoyed this anime and recommend it!

Seen it? Comment below on your favourite scene. What do you like best about Sunako?

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