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Anime Review: Towa No Quon

Genre: Action
Episodes: Six hour long episodes
Overall thoughts: X-MEN with an anime spin 
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In the near future humanity will undergo it's next form of evolution. Called Attractors, these people are born with abilities unique to their personality. Without training, concentration and constant support of your comrades these powers can consume a person and turn them into a monster. This is why those in the world that have not evolved or developed powers hunt and kill the Attractors.


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A hero among the Attractors, Quon fights for the protection of those that can't yet control their powers and defend themselves. He is kind to everyone and confident to the outside world. However, whenever he is alone you can see the strain and pressure that being a saviour puts on a person. Quon, unlike other Attractors, has an array of abilities such as super strength, self-regeneration and the ability to manipulate water and metal. 

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Yuri is an attractor that has the ability to move at super speed (for twenty minutes or less). We're unsure of when she and Quon met, but it seems they have been inseparable ever since. While Quon battles those that would harm their fellow Attractors, Yuri's job is to transport the helpless Attractor to safety. Yuri is loud, flirtatious and quite sarcastic when she wants to be. She is my favourite character in the series.   

Towa No Quon is a short look into isolation, desperation and (you guessed it) the power of friendship. While on the surface it may seem like an anime rewrite of X-MEN, it exhibits the usual twists and turns that we have come to expect from an anime.  

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