Saturday, 23 November 2013


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This isn’t exactly a review, I’m just going to talk and jazz.

I’ve been immersed way too far into Pokémon of late. My copies of X and Y have each racked up about 100 hours and I’ve watched through Pokémon: The Origin a few too many times. 
These games have been the perfect next step for the undying franchise, the transition to the specially Sugimori stylized 3D gameplay was spot on in my books. All of the Pokémon look great, the customization of your character is enjoyable, and as a competitive player, all the tweaks and buffs to the breeding and Individual Values hasmade my life so much easier. Super Training is excellent for beginners in the competitive scene, giving a good idea of how EV training works, though training off of Pokémon is still so much faster thanks to horde encounters. Speaking of those horde encounters, there’s one other thing I love them for. Before I’d even finished the main story of X I had obtained 4 shiny Pokemon. Three of which I had gotten by repeatedly using Sweet Scent to force horde encounters. 
I don’t see myself putting these games down until the inevitable Z version arrives on shelves for me to love just as much, and when Pokémon Bank comes out,I won’t have to ever again worry about completing the Pokedex. Having a Living Pokedex sitting in my Black version combined with Pokémon bank is going to continue to keep my like in the world of Pokémon ridiculously easy.
Alright, now down to the important part. Thank you, GameFreak, for redeeming my faith in the Pokemon anime. Your advertisement for Black 2 and White 2 set my hopes so high, and you certainly delivered with Red and Green’s story. The character’s felt well written, we could see how Red would grow to become great right from the start, and how Professor Oak wished for Green to ditch his overconfidence in himself and learn from Red, just as Red learned to believe more in himself through interactions with Green and all of the Pokémon he met and befriended. I am still amazed that such a great story was told of the original games over only 4 episodes and I loved every little second of throwback to us old folks of the Pokémon fandom, even to the point of falling in love with the silly little save and load screens between episodes. Also, I am honestly so glad that Red didn’t use a Pikachu. My only complaint with the series, was that we didn’t have a post credits scene of Red trying to move the truck parked near the S.S. Anne. Just saying.
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All hail Goomy!