Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mr. October - Tamaki

Sussan and Jessica are proud to present...

source: amanda vi britannia

As we all know, our beloved Tamaki is the lead character on the anime "Ouran Highschool Host Club".

He is self titled the King of the host club and it's members are considered his family. Isn't that sweet?

Tamaki is known as the "the princely type" in the host club and rightly so, as he is often parading around like royalty, flirting and flattering his customers just like their very own prince charming.

At times he can be childish which makes him super cute. Other times, his mature side emerges. He shows kindness and genuine concern for others. 

If this hasn't convinced you of his appeal, Tamaki also plays classical piano and is a hopeless romantic!

source: crunchy roll
He makes you laugh, makes your heart flutter and makes you melt under his gaze.. mmm yes please!

Do you think Tamaki deserves to be one of our calendar men? Why do you love Tamaki? Post your thoughts and comments below :)