Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Anime Love via Instagram #1

I remember when my older sister told me it took four months to create a Rugrats episode. Could you imagine, someone is actually sitting there drawing this show frame by frame. The need for precision, patience, dedication and vision has always mesmerised me. Perhaps that's why I think anime is so awesome. In some office somewhere someone is crating something as beautiful as anime with the stroke of a pencil.

That's why for our first Anime Love via Instagram post the topic is: anime girl sketches and drawings. Enjoy!

To see the images without the repost badge and instagrammer name simply click the image.

How unbelievably adorable is this picture! I love that the girls have different socks and shirt colours to reflect their different personalities.
Simple and elegant. I like the pencil strokes of this picture (as cliche as that might sound). The detailing on the hair is really well done yet, the rest of the drawing is simple.
An anime drawer I've admired for some time. The use of colour in this drawing simply adds to the fun. I love the girls pose and accessories. Especially the little tie peeking out from behind her hands.  
Too cute! How sassy is this chick? I love how they illustrated the wavy hair and her little wink. It's blocked by the repost badge but the writing days "I'll grant you a wish...If you gimmie fashionable clothes!"

Oh, before I forget to plug my drawings. I've started doing chibi drawings. To see my attempts, click here.