Friday, 22 June 2012

Anime Fashion Inspired: Sweets spirits

This month's anime fashion inspiration comes from the cute anime Yumiero Patissiere.
taken from endless skies
These cute little fairies are known as the 'Sweets spirits' all named after flavours (which they happen to excel at using in their cooking).

Each has a distinct wardrobe and personality. My personal favourites are Chocolate and Honey.

Check out the collection!


Button shirt
46 AUD -

Oasis short skirt
34 AUD -

Steven by Steve Madden t strap heels
150 AUD -

A V Max stacking bangle
62 AUD -


T shirt dress
33 AUD -

Topshop boyfriend jacket
66 AUD -

Gianvito Rossi heel sandals
280 AUD -

Love Rocks flower jewelry
13 AUD -


Crop top

J Crew pencil skirt
47 AUD -

Corey Lynn Calter olive green tight
14 AUD -

Marni high heels
680 AUD -

Kyler by Joy O chain necklace
150 AUD -

Feather earrings
9.87 AUD -


Vanilla by amine-syd featuring a lace dress

Lace dress
19 AUD -

Lipsy pleated dress
195 AUD -

Cropped jacket
67 AUD -

Tory burch shoes
215 AUD -

Wallis silver jewelry
11 AUD -

Wet Seal heart rhinestone necklace
9.02 AUD -

Kew 159 skinny belt
22 AUD -


French Connection wide leg pants
190 AUD -

Nelly Shoes wedge sandals
77 AUD -

Tote handbag
5.69 AUD -

Kate Spade bridal ring
93 AUD -

Tasha hair accessory
18 AUD -


Cafe by amine-syd featuring a cropped blazer

A Wear purple dress
22 AUD -

Monsoon cropped blazer
96 AUD -

Marie Chavez collar jewelry
210 AUD -

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