Saturday, 28 September 2013

Anime Review: Is this a Zombie?

Genre: Supernatural, Action, Magical Girl, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem
Episodes: 12
Distributor: Madman
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I don’t think I’ve ever watched a harem anime that I had any real complaints about. They’re bountiful amounts of fun for lazy watching. Is this a Zombie? Pretty much sits on the same lines for me, with a few added things it does its own way. As usual you’ve got a main male character surrounded by a bunch of main female characters who are interested in him to some degree or another and each take on one of a number of personality types we will always see in anime and manga (I’m a sucker for the tsundere girls…). Oh except that the main character is actually a zombie. And also a magiclad girl. Yup.

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Manly. Ayumu the magiclad zombie girl has a pretty crappy life (or unlife), aside from all the girls vying for his attention. The story is pretty simple, with Ayumu searching for the one who killed him after being brought back to life by a Necromancer. It’s kind of thrown together so that the series isn’t held together entirely by fan service and humour. This works out great in my books. The humour doesn’t fade away with the action scenes either, in part due to the fact that Ayumu is frequently fighting whilst in a frilly dress.
There’s a few boring characters, and a super Mary-Sue, but all of this is pretty much guaranteed when you need to write in a way that covers all tastes for fan-service, and in the end, all their different personalities are very fun in their own ways.
I actually ended up watching this series through both subbed and dubbed, and honestly, I found the English dub more endearing. Not due to quality of voice acting or anything (oh god no), it was simply the delivery of jokes and partially the omission of the “little sister” character type which irks me so. The dubbing team took great advantage of every possible innuendo that could occur and it made me love them so.
Image via Madman
Is This a Zombie is definitely up amongst my most recommended anime series, and I’m actually in the middle of watching it through again so I can get a friend to see it all. So I suggest you check it out!

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