Saturday, 31 August 2013

Anime Review: Hanamaru Kindergarten

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life Episodes: 12 Overall Thoughts: Almost too much cute for me to handle. Almost.
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So I’ve kind of gotten to the point in my life where “It was produced by Gainax” is a valid enough reason for me to watch anything. We’ve all been there I’m sure. So anyway, browsing the net for something light hearted to watch I came across Hanamaru Kindergarten, and like I said, I saw “from the producers of Gurren Lagann” and that it was 12 episodes long and had already decided I was going to knock this one out of the park on the first night of my weekend.
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Our main characters for the series are the newly hired caretaker Tsuchida, and three of his students, the shy Koume, the eccentric Hiiragi and the ridiculously outgoing Anzu.
We’re basically being told Tsuchida’s story of becoming a kindergarten teacher and following his awkward progress in the job and growth as a person. This all being both helped and hindered by silly little Anzu. Oh, and Anzu is in love with him. He helped her out before class on his first day because he thought she was lost, and now she’s in love with him. And jealous of the caretaker for one of the other classes, because Tsuchida is crushing on her, though she’s oblivious to everything. Oh, and remember how I said Anzu was outgoing, yeah she openly claims that she and her teacher are lovers and attempts to go on dates with him. So super awkward love triangle humour yay!

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The important things to note, it’s funny, it’s as cute as you can possibly get AND there’s actually some pretty solid characterisation for such a simply flowing show. Obviously kindergarteners can’t have that much character development, that’s all for Tsuchida and his fellow teachers/caretakers. And did I mention cute, there’s this “teeter-totter” sound effect that plays whenever one of the toddlers walks about and it’s so adorable your soul will melt.
In conclusion, I loved the hell out of this series, and you will too! So hurry up and check it out now! The power of cute compels you!