Friday, 9 November 2012

Anime Review: Ouran High School Host Club

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 26
Overall thoughts: Endless laughter and shenanigans 

Ever wonder what the wealthy students do after school to fill the time?

They create a Host Club in order to entertain other wealthy students with free time (Bet you didn't think of this answer).
Ouran High School Host Club is a club formed by a group of misfits, each with a unique quality which makes them appealing to the ladies. From the 'left' we have: Hikaru and Kaoru, the mischievous or forbidden brotherly love type; Kyoya, the Shadow King or the cool type; Honey (short blonde), the cute type; Tamaki (tall blonde), the King or princely type; Haruhi (short brunette), the innocent type and newest member of the club (hold that thought); and lastly, Mori, the wild or silent type. 

source: tumblr
The ladies go crazy over all of them. Warning: When host club activities are shown, there is quite a lot of squealing.

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Now, I asked you to hold that thought right?

Haruhi is the newest member of the host club and subsequently, the main character of the show. She is a serious girl who only wants to work hard for her scholarship. Wait what? She's a girl?

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Yep, she is a girl. Can't tell? Well neither could the Host Club.

How did she end up in this frivolous enterprise? Well, the answer is quite simple. She broke a vase and must now work as a host (masquerading as a boy) to pay off her debt. Kind of sucks right?

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She thought so to begin with. As she spent more time with the club, she began to develop friendships with them and in turn  enjoyed being there.

This anime is hilarious. Really rates in my Top 3. It has a collection of random 'laugh out loud' moments in basically every episode. Romance and comedy are the main genres of the anime.

I love the way it is presented... brilliant comedic moments, eccentric plots and characters.... not to mention the fact that it pokes fun at the typical anime genre.

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I have honestly seen this anime about 10 times now.

I highly recommend you to watch it!!

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